Black Mayors who endorsed Bloomberg, impressed by money or platform

Jade Boone, Visual Communications Class

More than several Black mayors have endorsed Mike Bloomberg within the past week. Will that influence the black vote? Some of the most prominent African american mayors include, Vi Lyles of Charlotte; London Breed of San Francisco; Muriel E. Bowser of Washington; and Sylvester Turner of Houston. Mike Bloomberg entered the presidential race, later than most Candidates. Most citizens were surprised by the amount of support he received from African Americans after Bloomberg has been heavily criticized on his discriminatory practice of stop and frisk.

A lot of citizens question how genuine is the support from African american mayors because Bloomberg funded either training or support for these mayors or their projects in the past coupe of years. Sometimes voters dismiss the idea of endorsements but it matters . Bloomberg has supported his own campaign and has even had social media influencer’s promoting his campaign for him as well. Research suggests that voters are open to considering endorsements when they cast their ballots.

Voters that are aware of endorsements have spoken out on several social media platforms as well

Mayors and supporters who have supported other candidates have turned to Bloomberg and has offered support. He gained the backing of over 100 mayors. This supporter was behind Joe Biden and has now switched sides.

Media especially pays attention to endorsements from candidates. For example, Warren has been endorsed both by an activist organization called Black Womxn For, but FiveThirtyEight’s list of endorsements mentions only individuals. And yet my research on local organizations and endorsements suggests that the organizational endorsement might matter more to black voters. The organization usually learns about candidates’ positions by interviewing them or having them complete questionnaires. Then, the members of the organization vote on who to endorse, giving members a stake in those endorsements.

What does this mean for Bloomberg’s mayoral endorsements? Race is most certainly an issue in 2020, with most Democratic voters, black voters included, focused on who can defeat President Trump in November.

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